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SLC Industrial USB Flash Drive

SLC Industrial USB Flash Drive

 Not all USB flash drives are created equal

No doubt you have seen the bulk packs of USB flash drives on sale at your local warehouse store.  What many are unaware of is that these drives are manufactured using the MLC, Multi Level Cell technology and not the superior SLC, Single Level Cell technology.

Typically SLC or Single level cell cards and drive have a faster read write times, higher operating temperature thresholds and include wear leveling algorithms.  These wear leveling algorithms allow the drive to fix its self and prevent a failure or downtime from occurring.   When wear leaving is in place the system can move information to a more sable sector and allow the system to boot, read or write from this new sector.

  • USB 2.0 Industrial rated temperature rated flash drive. -40 to +85 degrees Celsius
  • Compliant with USB specification 2.0
  • No external power or batter needed
  • LED indicates usage and status of USB Flash Disk
  • Supports low power mode
  • Supports partition management and lock disk function
  • Supports password protection for drive access security
  • Rated at 10 years data retention
  • Capacities ranging from 16MB to 4GB.

SLC  Industrial USB drives are the ideal device for transferring critical data from the field.  High temperature ratings allow the drive to be exposed to +85 degrees Celsius and still maintain data integrity.

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Aircraft maintenance and spare parts PCMCIA memory supplier

Aircraft maintenance and spare parts PCMCIA memory supplier

Aircraft repair and maintenance facilities can greatly reduce their aircraft’s downtime by having the  correct PCMCIA memory cards in stock.

Many aircraft use PCMCIA ATA Type II  cards ranging from 256MB to 2GB depending on the amount of data that needs to be stored.  PCcardsDirect offers the following industrial grade industrial temperature shock and vibration tested cards in the following capacities:

Description                                       Part Number

  • 256MB PCMCIA Card                PCDATA256MBI
  • 512MB PCMICA Card                PCDATA512MBI
  • 1GB PCMCIA Card                    PCDATA1024MBI
  • 2GB PCMCIA Card                    PCDATA2048MBI

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Industrial PCMCIA ATA Type II cards are temperature rated from -40°C~+85°C to fulfill various specialized applications.  These solid state cards have no moving parts and are

shock rated at 1500G and vibration tested to 20G peak to peak.

Equipment with wear leveling algorithms and code correction for longer life and minimal failure.  MTBF greater than 2,000,000 hours.

Military aircraft have long adapted the PCMCIA standard for its strength and durability over smaller form factors.  Military aircraft still in operation today continue to use these PCMCIA industrial NAND flash memory cards for their on-board removable data storage needs.

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Global SSD Storage Authority

Global SSD Storage Authority

With over 18 year experience… has offered companies  a complete offering of SSD storage solutions.  Specializing in commercial off-the-shelf solutions (COTS).

Beginning in the mid 1990’s as a Sandisk reseller and working with industrial firms to solve their memory storage needs, a relationship quickly developed as solution providers,  engineers and repair technicians were looking to solve the growing need of limited SSD storage.

As Sandisk introduced the PCMCIA card more industries began to integrate this form factor into their designs.  As the PCMCIA card began to find itself in aircraft, tanks and helicopters, mechanics struggled to keep up with the replacement of these storage cards.  When Sandisk discontinued production of PCMCIA cards users looked to other manufacturers to fulfill their requirements.  Companies such as SiliconSystems with their unique licensing agreement with Sandisk offered industrial PCMCIA cards in a variety of configurations.

SiliconSystems offered features such as SiDestroy and SiEarse.  These features would physically destroy the onboard controller and erase all data with no recovery, respectively.

After a few years SiliconSystems was acquired by Western Digital and the PCMCIA cards were discontinued after the acquisition.

It was getting very difficult for maintenance personnel to support their aircraft without these PCMCIA cards.

It is important to mention that with the advent of new technology and new higher capacities small capacity cards such as:


these capacities were no longer produced and available for older equipment as replacement parts.  Older legacy equipment could not recognize newer larger capacity cards due to the limitation in the BIOS.

Recognizing this elimination in supply of smaller capacity PCMCIA Type II ATA PC cards, PCcardsDirect began to offer the a full line of PCMCIA cards from 16MB to 64GB capacities. See…   for a complete list of available PCMCIA cards on the market today and available for purchase.

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Compact Flash cards for the Oil, Gas and Coal Industry

Compact Flash cards for the Oil, Gas and Coal Industry

Why does the oil and gas industry require industrial flash memory cards rather than tradition memory cards?

These industries function in volatile environmental conditions.  Temperatures often fluctuate a great deal and cause computer data systems to fail.  Transitioning to industrial flash rated solid state memory storage cards you can insure your data receives the maximum protection available.

CompactFlash Cards are industrial temperature grade -40°C ~+85°C to fulfill various specialized applications in normal or harsh operating environments.

These SLC compact flash cards have greater read write cycles and offer wear leveling algorithms  for longer life and minimal downtime.

Offering the standard in durable removable flash, compact flash is the ideal size and offers the capacities available to safely and security store and transfer all of your key data from the field.

Compact flash is a 50 pin dual row card offering a minimum of 10,000 insertions, a shock rating of 2000G, vibration tested to 15G peak to peak and altitude rated to 50,000 feet.

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