Aircraft maintenance and spare parts PCMCIA memory supplier

Aircraft maintenance and spare parts PCMCIA memory supplier

Aircraft repair and maintenance facilities can greatly reduce their aircraft’s downtime by having the  correct PCMCIA memory cards in stock.

Many aircraft use PCMCIA ATA Type II  cards ranging from 256MB to 2GB depending on the amount of data that needs to be stored.  PCcardsDirect offers the following industrial grade industrial temperature shock and vibration tested cards in the following capacities:

Description                                       Part Number

  • 256MB PCMCIA Card                PCDATA256MBI
  • 512MB PCMICA Card                PCDATA512MBI
  • 1GB PCMCIA Card                    PCDATA1024MBI
  • 2GB PCMCIA Card                    PCDATA2048MBI

All of the above cards are available online for purchase at…

Industrial PCMCIA ATA Type II cards are temperature rated from -40°C~+85°C to fulfill various specialized applications.  These solid state cards have no moving parts and are

shock rated at 1500G and vibration tested to 20G peak to peak.

Equipment with wear leveling algorithms and code correction for longer life and minimal failure.  MTBF greater than 2,000,000 hours.

Military aircraft have long adapted the PCMCIA standard for its strength and durability over smaller form factors.  Military aircraft still in operation today continue to use these PCMCIA industrial NAND flash memory cards for their on-board removable data storage needs.

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