SLC Industrial USB Flash Drive

SLC Industrial USB Flash Drive

 Not all USB flash drives are created equal

No doubt you have seen the bulk packs of USB flash drives on sale at your local warehouse store.  What many are unaware of is that these drives are manufactured using the MLC, Multi Level Cell technology and not the superior SLC, Single Level Cell technology.

Typically SLC or Single level cell cards and drive have a faster read write times, higher operating temperature thresholds and include wear leveling algorithms.  These wear leveling algorithms allow the drive to fix its self and prevent a failure or downtime from occurring.   When wear leaving is in place the system can move information to a more sable sector and allow the system to boot, read or write from this new sector.

  • USB 2.0 Industrial rated temperature rated flash drive. -40 to +85 degrees Celsius
  • Compliant with USB specification 2.0
  • No external power or batter needed
  • LED indicates usage and status of USB Flash Disk
  • Supports low power mode
  • Supports partition management and lock disk function
  • Supports password protection for drive access security
  • Rated at 10 years data retention
  • Capacities ranging from 16MB to 4GB.

SLC  Industrial USB drives are the ideal device for transferring critical data from the field.  High temperature ratings allow the drive to be exposed to +85 degrees Celsius and still maintain data integrity.

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