Compact Flash cards for the Oil, Gas and Coal Industry

Compact Flash cards for the Oil, Gas and Coal Industry

Why does the oil and gas industry require industrial flash memory cards rather than tradition memory cards?

These industries function in volatile environmental conditions.  Temperatures often fluctuate a great deal and cause computer data systems to fail.  Transitioning to industrial flash rated solid state memory storage cards you can insure your data receives the maximum protection available.

CompactFlash Cards are industrial temperature grade -40°C ~+85°C to fulfill various specialized applications in normal or harsh operating environments.

These SLC compact flash cards have greater read write cycles and offer wear leveling algorithms  for longer life and minimal downtime.

Offering the standard in durable removable flash, compact flash is the ideal size and offers the capacities available to safely and security store and transfer all of your key data from the field.

Compact flash is a 50 pin dual row card offering a minimum of 10,000 insertions, a shock rating of 2000G, vibration tested to 15G peak to peak and altitude rated to 50,000 feet.

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