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Industrial SD Flash Cards
Temperature Rated SD Cards rated at -25C to +85C available from 128MB to 4GB Capacities.
PCcardsDirect's industrial rated and temperature rated Secure Digital cards are now available from 128MB to 4GB Capacities. Capable of read speeds of 19MB per second, write speeds of 16MB per second and with ECC wear leveling support.
Industrial SD Memory Cards
Learn more about Industrial Rated Secure Digital (SD) Cards from the Electronic Assembly Experts
Price range: from $30.00 to $77.72
  IN STOCK | Ships 24-48 Hours | Ships 3-5 days | Ships 2+ Weeks and Special Order
Ship times may vary, on when order is placed and shipping destination. International orders add 1 - 5 days.
 Description  Part No  Manufacturer  Stock  Price  Order
  PCDSD128MBI PCcardsDirect 23.85
  PCDSD256MBI PCcardsDirect 29.98
  PCDSD512MBI PCcardsDirect 35.75
  PCDSD1024MBI PCcardsDirect 45.35
  PCDSD2048MBI PCcardsDirect 55.85
  PCDSD4096MBI PCcardsDirect 70.67
  PCDSD008GBI PCcardsDirect 109.01
  PCDSD016GBI PCcardsDirect 179.72

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