Sandisk 8MB PCMCIA card are they still available?


Sandisk 8MB PCMCIA

Are you looking for old Sandisk PCMCIA cards?  This can be one of the most frustrating jobs.  As a manufacturer of industrial flash we still receive requests for the old Sandisk SDP3BI cards.  These PCMCIA cards offer by Sandisk in the late 90s and early 2000 was a very popular standard for software engineers to base their designs around.

The Sandisk 8MB PCMCIA card was one of the first cards used in industrial systems.  Legacy equipment today still requires this card due to the unique controller used in production.  Due to the high cost of reprogramming and tooling involved to adapt this equipment to the new BIOS in modern PCMCIA cards, older Sandisk PCMCIA cards are the only option.

For this reason we have located stock on the following Sandisk PCMCIA cards no longer available:

Sandisk 8MB PCMCIA Card

Sandisk 10MB PCMCIA Card

Sandisk 48MB PCMCIA Card

Sandisk 110MB PCMCIA Card

Sandisk 220MB PCMCIA Card

Sandisk 1.2G PCMCIA Card

Many integrators and system builders have come across this same situation where only a very specific hardware product is compliant with the host system.  For this reason specific legacy memory cards such as the Sandisk PCMCIA cards still are in demand in the market today.  You may visit… for a list of available cards.

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