Where can I still find Sandisk PCMCIA Cards?

Where can I still find Sandisk PCMCIA Cards?

There are 2 answers:

If you are looking to purchase new Sandisk PCMCIA cards, then the answer is Nowhere.

If you are looking to purchase used or pulls of the Sandisk PCMCIA cards, then you may locate them at www.pccardsdirect.com…

A better alternative we would like to suggest for a long term solution is to test and quality a PCcardsDirect industrial grade PCMCIA card.

www.PCcardsDirect.com… offers new industrial grade 16MB PCMCIA cards in high temperature grade ratings.  These cards are rated at -40C to +85C, shock rating of 1500G, Vibration tested to 20G peak to peak.

Capacities range from 16MB to 64GB PCMCIA cards with industrial grade and industrial temperature ratings.

Custom configurations are also available if  you require a fixed bit to boot from the card or UDMA setting for faster through-put.  You may contact www.pccardsdirect.com… for additional information or any question you my have on fixed and removable bit settings.

Legacy customers looking to replace older Sandisk, Kingston, Pretec or SiliconSystems cards are also urged to contact us to we can custom tailor a solution for you.  Many of these older cards used proprietary chipsets that are no longer available in market today.  Here at www.PCcardsDirect.com… we have recognized these hurdles and have built unique solutions for our customers.

With over 15 years experience in the flash memory industry PCcardsDirect.com… is confident we can tailor a solution for you.  Many of our customers with legacy equipment cannot upgrade or transition to other formats due to tooling or CAP-X costs.  We understand these constraints and make available all the technology in market today to build a compatible solution.

For additional information on Sandisk PCMCIA cards contact sales at PCcardsDirect.com…

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