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PCcardsDirect.com is pleased to announce our new PCMCIA ATA PC Card with 64GB SLC NAND Flash, which is the highest capacity currently in the market today. This new high capacity card is targeted for sectors such as the aviation industry, as well as all military applications on surface vehicles such as tanks and trains. This new card features a ruggedized metal casing with excellent components and the proven Samsung SLC flash IC. The ruggedized housing is the ideal solution for any equipment exposed to the elements and harsh environmental conditions.

The PCMCIA form-factor in recent years has been decreasing in number of new applications in lieu of other smaller standards such as compact flash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD), we here at PCcardsDirect.com believe that it is still the gold standard for industrial flash data storage. This is why we have made a commitment to continue to support this form factor. Its 68-pin and 360 degree contact connector prevents data loss from poor contact. PCMCIA ATA Flash Cards are widely used in CNC machines, FAB facilities and many other large industrial tools.

This new PCMCIA ATA Flash Card is compatible with ATA/ATAPI-6 data transfer rate of Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) and is available in both standard plastic frame casing and rugged metal casing for different applications. In order to make a breakthrough in PCMCIA ATA Memory Card technology, PCcardsDirect.com has worked with industry experts to develop the highest capacity of PCMCIA ATA PC Card. We are proud to offer capacities ranging from 16MB to now 64GB.

PCMCIA ATA Memory Cards

 Description  Part No  Manufacturer  Stock  Price  Order
 8GB PC Card, Commercial TEMP, Industrial GRADE, Type II ATA PCMCIA PCDATA8192MB PCcardsDirect 185.84
 16GB PC Card, Commercial TEMP, Industrial GRADE, Type II ATA PCMCIA PCDATA16384MB PCcardsDirect 495.08
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